Retro Skull Waist And Shoulder Bag

$71.97 $110.99
teampunk Waist Bag Fanny Pack Retro Fashion Gothic Casual Leather Shoulder Crossbody Messenger Bag Punk Rock Thigh Leg Hip Holster Purse Belt Pouch Travel Chain Bags Hiking Sport Packs for Women Men

One bag - numerous ways to rock it.

1. Around your waist like a belt bag-fanny pack combo.
2. Under your arm, like a shoulder holster.
3. Extend the straps for a shoulder bag. 
4. For extra security on the shoulder bag option, you can then use another strap to attach it to your thigh ( great theft deterrent ) 
5. Backpack

I bet you can find more ways to rock it.

The front pouch secures with a magnet and metal turning clasp and the main pocket closes with a zip over the top. 
There is a chain attached via the front pocket and the clasp on the end can be attached almost anywhere on the bag. 

There are three pockets - keeping flat ,they will be more roomy,handy extra space.

There was room to carry basic essentials for the event you attended. 
3. You will like it and its a really nice bag 

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